if you cut led lights will it still work

LED Lights: Can You Cut Them and Still Make Them Work?

There is an answer for anything, even using LED strip lights to light your TV or kitchen cabinets. LED strips, widely preferred for their flexibility, are made from an array of LED emitters placed on a tiny, flexible circuit board.

Only one thing should worry you. Many LED strips are sold on long reels that vary in length from 3 to 16 feet. If you cut LED lights will it still work? Just as you cut the LED strip lights within the marked lines, they should work after being cut. 

 Every cut line in an LED strip marks the beginning of a new circuit, as LED strips comprise numerous distinct circuits. Cutting another spot on the LED strip can stop the circuit, possibly the entire strip, from functioning.

It is easy enough to cut in a straight line. But you’d be amazed at how many individuals get it incorrect and harm excellent lights in this manner. If you cut LED lights will it still work, and how do you cut LED strip lights, continue reading?

If You Cut LED Lights, Will Both Sides Still Work?

if you cut led lights will it still work

The simple answer is yes, it does. After you’ve cut the LED light strips, both functional sides will likely continue to operate correctly. The answer can be seen in the separating points. The cutting point marks the end at which the circuit can be briefly disrupted without causing lasting harm. 

Since the entire region between the cutting points defines its distinct circuit, it does not impact which cutting point you pick to use so long as this is the only spot where you make the cut.

 This is undoubtedly great news since it eliminates the growth of other waste and does not prevent the reuse of the remaining part. You are getting two light strips for the cost of one, but you have to purchase another plug or connect it to the power source yourself.

I Cut My LED Lights, And Now They Don’t Work

The following steps can be done to be sure the lights are working correctly if they don’t after connecting the freshly cut LED light strip parts. Take the strip off the connector to see the precision of the cut. 

If done right, the copper pads on the LED strip can be seen on each side of the cut. Do another cut at the closest cut line if you notice the first one was wrong. Since some of the strip’s capabilities will be lost, you will still be competent to use much of it. 

Ensure that the connector is clean, including the cut ends. Inspect the connector for any dirt or other particles. Clean up the connector by blowing on it or by wiping it. Check that the polarity is proper. Connect each side to discover which works if you doubt the polarity. Lastly, verify to see if the plug or adapter is fully effective.

How to Cut LED Strip Lights and Extend EASIEST METHOD EVER!

How To Cut LED Lights Without Breaking Them?

if you cut led lights will it still work

Before you cut light strips, please be sure that the strip you got can be cut; if not, cutting the light strip can make it useless; in addition, you must be sure to turn off the power before you start cutting the light strip. Cutting a light strip that connects directly to a power source is dangerous to one’s safety.

1. Obtain The Measurements Of The Length

You must cut off the spare part when your bought LED light strip is longer than needed. The initial step that you need to do is to obtain the correct measurement for the length. When you make an error of cutting the strip shorter than required, your hard work will be for nothing.

2. On The Light Strip, Seek Out A Logo That Depicts Scissors

On the area of their LED light strips that can be cut with scissors, the makers have included a pair of scissors as a logo for the ease of their end users. Before you cut, you must look for the scissors logo so that you won’t mistakenly cause any harm.

3. Use A Pair Of Scissors To Create Cuts

The last thing you need to do is get out your scissors and cut the extra strip at the line shown by the scissors logo. Check that you cut in a straight line since if you incorrectly cut the light bulb, it may lead it to cease functioning.

How to Solder LED Strips: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Don’t cut your LED strip here!

How Can I Fix My LED Lights If I Cut Them?

When the LED light strip you got can be cut, the area of the strip you used to create your cuts is worthless and can’t be used again. When you wish to reconnect it upon cutting them, you will have to use another connector with four pins to do so. 

Once you cut and connect the light strip, if the process is done incorrectly, it can also lead the light strip to cease performing effectively. Thus, it is highly advised that you confirm the measurement of the strip before cutting it to prevent getting to reconnect it once you are done cutting it.

Upon cutting LED light strips, you will need an extra 4-pin connector to reattach them to their proper spot. A set of LED light strip lights will usually not come with that specific item, so they must be ordered separately.

1. Buying A Lepro 4-pin LED Strip Light Connector

There are numerous strip light connections; thus, you have to pick the correct one that fits the kind of light strip you are using. If the width of your light strip is 10 millimeters, the 4-pin connector you pick must be appropriate with 10 millimeters. 

If the light strip you use is 8 millimeters wide, if you get a connector that is 10 millimeters wide, it won’t work. Even this, the most often kind of connection is a four-pin kind. The Lepro 4-pin strip light connector set has five L-shape pieces and five line-type connectors. 

These connectors are great for connecting 90° corners and extending down a straight line, and they are flexible enough to be used for every scenario.

2. Opening The Connector

Opening the connector from the side is essential if it includes a cover.

3. Put The Light Strip Into The Connector

Once the LED light strip has been cut in half, the two cut ends must be put into the connector’s fastening clips. Following the instructions can assist you in deciding whether or not they are the wrong way around at this stage.

4. Secure The Connector With A Cover

Once you set up the light strip, close the cover on the connector, and when you have connected the power supply, inspect to verify if the light strip illuminates regularly. The connecting point between the connector and the light strip has to be altered if the connected pieces fail to light up correctly.

Overall, reconnecting the strip once cutting it is tricky for the most part. Besides needing extra connectors, you risk leaving the strip useless if you do all tasks correctly. Thus, the ideal course is to verify that the required length is precise to prevent wasting material.

Can 12V LED Run On 18V?

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How To Reconnect Cut LED Strips?

The strips have been precisely sized to satisfy your requirements; if you cut them to an improperly short length, reconnecting them could not be achievable. In most cases, LED strips can be reconnected as long as the cutting is done along the prescribed line. However, there will be further discussion on reconnecting after this.

When it comes to connecting the two sections of strip lights, you have numerous options to choose from, including the following: Including right-angle connectors into your installation, which are kept on a lot of retail store shelves, is one of the most direct and most affordable items you can do. 

These connectors are easily accessible. T-connectors are another option to assist in keeping things in place when doing so. To reconnect LED light strips that have been cut, perform the following method:

  • If the connector includes a safety cover, remove it before using it.
  • Put the cut ends into the correct connectors. Verify to ensure that the polarity is set accurately.
  • When adding the strips, inspect to ensure any clamps or clips your connector may have are correctly fastened.
  • Connect the strip to a suitable power source.

How To Reconnect Cut LED Strips Without Connectors

1. Once You Are About To Solder, Pick A Spot That Has Enough Of Ventilation

Because you are burning metal, inhaling the gases created by the method is not ideal for the well-being of your lungs. If achievable, solder in a space that has lots of clean air moving through it or open a window to allow in some clean air.

  • Pick a place with a fan that you can turn on, or perhaps better, choose to solder while you’re outdoors in the fresh air.

2. Put On Safety Glasses And Gloves To Safeguard Yourself

If your hair is long, consider tying it up so it’s out of the way, and you should avoid wearing clothes that are too loose since they can get caught on something. Since soldering irons reach very high temperatures, users must use great care when working them to prevent harm. 

  • It would be best if you washed your hands once you’re done to get rid of any lead that may be on them from the solder.

3. Put The Wires In Good Condition By Soldering The Ends Of Each One

The method of pre-tinning the wires is referred to as “tinning.” Make sure that the ends of all cables, no matter how many there are, get a touch of solder applied to them with the soldering iron. Due to this, it is now far easier to connect the wires to the strip.

  • Solder is not needed in massive amounts; it must be so light that it is barely noticeable on the wire.

4. Solder Has To Be Put On Each One Of The Strip’s Contact Spots

The dots directly next to the cut line are points of contact. These are the spots where the wire that needs to be joined will be put. In order to have the contact points set for the wire, add a tiny dot of solder on each of the contact points.

  • Maintain a small amount of solder on every contact point, but be cautious about leaving a small quantity of solder in the places where everything comes together.

5. Create Connections Between The Wires And The Correct Contact Points By Using The Iron 

Once the wires and contact points are prepared, connect every wire to the contact point it must be connected to. Create connections between the wires and the strip by using the soldering iron. Ensure that each wire is correctly fastened to the proper contact point by working carefully and slowly to do this.

  • Set the wires to ensure the labels on the light strip match the right colors, and ensure the colors are correctly matched.
  • A small amount of solder is needed to make a secure connection between the wires and the strip.
  • If you heat the cables for an extended period, you could damage the LED lights.
  • Your lights are now set to be turned on since you have connected the cables to the light strip.


If you cut LED lights, will it still work? When you cut LED strip lights correctly, they can be cut and still function. A new circuit is initiated at every cutting point, and the area between the cutting points determines each circuit.

 It is vital to verify the precision of the cut, the condition of the connector, the polarity, and the usability of the plug or adapter if the LED lights fail to work after cutting. Switching off the power, obtaining an accurate length measurement, checking for the scissors logo, then cutting straight is every step needed when cutting LED lights.

 You’ll have to get an extra 4-pin connector that suits the width of your light strip if you want to reconnect them after cutting.


Can You Cut Ksipze LED Lights?

Due to their design, LED strip lights are meant to be simple to separate with a pair of scissors. Every LED is finished off with a couple of copper dots. Each of the LEDs can work correctly if you make sure you cut between the dots.

Where To Cut Tenmiro LED Lights?

Just the approved cut marks on the Tenmiro LED lights can be used for cutting them, as advised by the manufacturer. If you cut the LED lights in another spot on the product, you risk damaging it and possibly causing it to fail.

Can You Cut Keepsmile LED Lights?

Check the location of the light strip as you attach it down, and try to prevent making any secondary pasting. The length of the LED lights can be modified to your preference by cutting every three LEDs along the cutting point. Furthermore, the LED lights may connect.

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