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Learn How To Make Money From Solder Repair For More Income In 2023

Do you consider yourself an individual who finds value in making extra cash by repairing electronic devices? Solder repair is a valuable ability that can assist you in making money in a variety of various manners.

 It is no different if you participate in that activity on a casual or full-time basis as a career. On the other hand, 2023 has many chances for you to build on your abilities to earn income. 

In this article, we will go over how to make money from solder repair to make money. We will address all tried and true approaches, from buying and selling used electronics to giving repair services. 

What Is Soldering?

make money from solder repair

Soldering has been a vital element of modern electronics since they were developed. Soldering is a crucial part of the electronics sector, and people who are good at it have many potential job opportunities. 

However, before we get into that, let’s take a second to clarify what soldering is. Soldering, in its most basic sense, means the act of connecting two metal surfaces using the use of solder.

 In the soldering method, a metal alloy named solder gets heated to a temperature of roughly 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which remains until it melts and coats the two surfaces designed to be connected.

Once this solder that was successfully melted cools down, it will harden, producing bonds that are pretty powerful and that will keep the two metal surfaces intact. It is usual to warm the solder with the aid of an iron rod that connects to a temperature controller.

Types Of Soldering

The method of soldering aims to establish an everlasting link between two metal surfaces, preventing the surfaces from being separated from one another. On the other hand, the reality that there are numerous types of soldering can come as a shock to you. Let’s have a greater detail about them:

1. Hard Soldering

The sort of soldering done here is quite clear from the name. Hard soldering is the filler metal when connecting two pieces of metal. Hard soldering employs a filler metal with a more excellent melting point than soft soldering, using a filler metal with a lower melting point. 

About 450 °C or greater is required to melt metal filler for hard soldering. Hard soldering is used when a strong connection is needed to keep the joining metals together due to this feature renders soldering joints especially solid.

Metalworking and car repair both require hard soldering. While additional alloys like copper-zinc and nickel-silver are occasionally used, silver and gold are the most frequently employed filler metals for hard soldering.

2. Brazing

Brazing employs filler metal with an extreme melting point, usually over 450 degrees centigrade, like hard soldering.

The near-metal surfaces are often warmed above the filler metal’s melting point rather than the filler itself, and the solder is added before or after the heating step. Electronics, transportation, development, etc., involve brazing.

3. Soft Soldering

As its name implies, the low-melting-point filler metal is utilized in soft soldering to connect two or more metal objects. This suggests the solder used in this method melts at reasonably low temperatures, frequently under 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Soft soldering helps connect fragile or heat-sensitive materials since it can be done at low temperatures. The solder or filler metal’s low melting point stops it from forming solid bonds.

 In the electronics sector, soft soldering can be used for joining circuit board parts. It is a popular choice in jewelry production and other areas. The most popular filler metals for soft soldering are tin-lead alloys, but you may find solder containing tin-copper and tin-silver alloys.

How Much Money Can You Make Soldering?

It is hard to tell exactly how much income you can earn from solder repair since it relies on various factors, like your expertise, the need for your services, and the price you can demand. But based on the payscale website, solder repair can result in a typical wage of $21.72 per hour or about $33,503 annually.

Start your firm or work for an organization. You are responsible for setup expenses if you pick your setup. Yet, you will be allowed to set individual prices. On the contrary, you could earn an average salary if you work for a business offering solder repairs, yet you have fewer options over your income.

Typically, the worth of your services and how you offer them will influence how much cash you can earn from solder repair.

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How To Make Money Soldering At Home?

make money from solder repair

Given that you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of soldering, let’s shift our attention to the methods by which you can put your knowledge to make money from solder repair;

1. Learning The Skills

To start making cash with solder repair, the initial thing you’ll need to do is get proficient at what you do. Understand that this is a highly particular skill that, as a result, demands expert knowledge. Solder repair is not likely to result in significant profits for you if you haven’t got a strong basis in the skill of soldering.

It is feasible to gain the abilities needed to do soft soldering in a brief period while staying in the warmth of your home; yet, it is highly advised that you see a skilled professional in acquiring the skills needed to perform hot soldering and brazing.

2. Put Your Skills Into Practice

You’ve likely heard that “practice makes perfect.” In this line of work, you must be skilled, as I’ve stated before. Practice is essential to achieve proficiency. The optimum choice is to learn as a student under an experienced worker.

 You could also make a resume for a starting position with a business that provides services related to solder repair.

3. Show Your Skills To The World

If you achieve mastery in something, it is time to allow other people to learn about your abilities. If you put some effort into advertising yourself as a solder repair service provider, you will likely attract customers who can assist you in improving your profession. 

When it comes to making others learn about your skills and talents, the most efficient weapon you have at your disposal is social media. You can use paid advertising to promote your products or services more precisely. 

Furthermore, you may additionally make your service accessible to people in the surrounding area by creating a Google my business page for your company.

4. Cold Call Companies

The practice of cold calling is an additional resilient technique that you can decide into effect to get people aware of your service and draw in different clients. Even though it might seem outdated, doing cold calls may result in an essential sum of funds.

If doing cold calls makes you uneasy, you can hire a virtual assistant to perform the job for you rather than doing the calls yourself. Realize that the more individuals you are likely to reach, the more consumers you will be able to draw in and, thus, the more revenue you will be possible to earn.

5. Building Boards And Marketing Them On eBay

There is an industry for assembled circuit boards out there. You may earn an acceptable amount of cash reasonably rapidly by selling completed boards on eBay.

Getting your things up for sale on eBay is all that is required of you. After you have been provided an offer, you can finish the board and then deliver it to the client. 

6. Additional Ways

You can produce educational videos about solder repair and upload them to YouTube to bring in more revenue. Despite that, plenty of people enjoy videos associated with interests on YouTube. You can film yourself soldering, designing a board, or executing any other solder activity and share the video on YouTube.

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How To Make Money With A Soldering Iron? 

The capacity to solder is very diverse and can be applied to building a wide range of things in addition to fixing various issues. Here are some options for you to consider if you are intrigued by making cash with a soldering iron:

  • Making Jewelry: If you have a soldering iron, you can use it to earn exclusive, personalized jewelry items. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry fall within this category.
  • Making Do-It-Yourself Kits: If you’re carrying a soldering iron, you can use it to assemble do-it-yourself kits, which you can then sell to various people. These could contain kits to create easy electronic devices, robots, or even other types of goods.
  • Electronics repair: If you are adept at soldering, you could start a company in which you fix different electrical components, like cellphones, computers, televisions, and even others.
  • Upcycling Electronics: If you have an old piece of electronic equipment, you can turn it into something fresh and helpful with a soldering iron. You could, for instance, convert an old computer monitor into a fish tank or an old radio into a Bluetooth speaker. Those are merely two examples.
  • Customization of Manufactured Circuit Boards: You can personalize circuit boards with your soldering iron for electronic tasks. This could entail the addition or elimination of parts, the alteration of existing circuits, or the building of new circuits.
  • Work as a Freelancer: If you are good at soldering, you can consider working as a freelancer on various jobs. Working with people, smaller companies, or even more significant companies could fall under this category.

When using a soldering iron, it is vital to take every precaution necessary, as the tool itself can be risky if it isn’t used correctly. Usually, ensure you follow the directions issued by the maker and always use safeguards like gloves and protective glasses.

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Is Soldering Harder Than Welding?

Soldering takes lower temperatures and a lower level of expertise than welding. Thus, it frequently appears to be a simpler method. On the contrary, welding exposes the pieces of metal to high temperatures to melt the metal and then uses force to fuse the elements.

 Despite needing higher knowledge and expertise, this activity additionally puts higher demands on one’s physical abilities. Also, welding happens when stronger and bigger metals, like steel, need to be welded together. On the other hand, soldering is primarily used for using light and fragile materials, like those utilized in the electronics sector.

What Are Different Soldering Jobs?

Soldering is a profession that is needed in an extensive range of occupations. Yet, every job’s particular duties and responsibilities will differ from one employer and one sector of the economy to another. The following are instances of some typical soldering jobs:

  • Jewelry Designer: Soldering is a method that will prove crucial for your job as a jewelry designer, both for making and fixing jewelry pieces. Furthermore, soldering is a way to unite materials such as metals, gems, and other materials to produce unique items.
  • Plumber: Soldering is crucial for plumbers because it lets them connect pipes and fittings to create plumbing systems.
  • Metalworker: Metalworkers employ soldering to put solid bits of metal to make a wide variety of items, which include structural components to ornamental objects. Their duties can be found in various sectors, like aerospace and automotive.
  • Automotive Technician: Soldering irons are vital tools for automotive mechanics, which use them to fix and care for the electrical components of automobiles and other vehicles. 
  • Electronics technician: Electronics technicians employ soldering to build and fix electronic equipment like circuit boards, computers, and gadgets. Soldering is a vital component of the procedure.
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Soldering repairs can be an excellent second job option for anyone with expertise in the field. In the year 2023, a variety of choices enable you to apply your skills to use and boost your income. 

Soldering is a method of connecting two metal surfaces with solder as the connecting material. There are several different types of soldering, the most prominent of which getting brazing, hard soldering, and soft soldering. 

Given that it relies on various factors, estimating how much money you can make from solder repair can take time. It is essential to gain the necessary skills and then set them to use to generate income through solder repair. 

Soldering is a talent that can be used in many ways to earn income, like purchasing and selling old equipment and offering repair services. Suppose you have a solid basis in soldering. In that case, you can begin making more cash without leaving the convenience of your home by operating for a business that offers solder repair services. 

In general, learning how to make money from solder repair is a crucial skill that can assist you in making extra cash, whether you do it on the side as a pastime or as a full-time occupation. Today is your chance to start making cash from solder repair!


What Is Soldering Repair?

Melting solder is a joining solution in the soldering process to connect different metals.

What Are The 3 Types Of Soldering?

Three soldering forms—soft soldering, hard soldering, and brazing—are used at various temperatures to offer different joint strengths.

How Is Soldering Used In The Electronics Industry?

In the electronics sector, the soldering process connects parts electrically by joining them together.

What Is Soft Soldering?

When solder material is used to form a strong connection, soft soldering is the method used.

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