Vizio TV Will Not Turn Of

Vizio TV Will Not Turn Off – Causes and Fixes

Recently, we have noticed that many Vizio TV users encounter a common problem: their Vizio TV will not turn off. Although the idea of a TV failing to turn off sounds awkward, it is a possibility we have investigated and found solutions for. Let us explain why your Vizio TV won’t turn off and what you can do to fix it.

Vizio TV Will Not Turn Off – Causes and Fixes

A Vizio TV may not turn off due to several reasons, such as minor glitches, issues with the remote controller, problems with the power supply, and more. We will explain all these and a few other contributing factors.

Unresponsive TV

This is the most common factor for this issue. If you have tried turning off your Vizio TV using the remote or even the power button on the TV itself, and there is no response, this is likely due to a bug.

The solution is to unplug the Vizio TV from the power source, wait for 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. This will fix the bug and make the remote work again.

Before unplugging the TV from the power source, you could verify the functionality of the remote by using it with the Vizio soundbar. If this doesn’t fix your issue, you can consider trying the troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

Remote Controller Issues

If you have tried to turn off your Vizio TV with your remote with no success, there could be an issue with your remote controller.

TV remote controllers usually get power from batteries. If they are low or dead, your commands won’t transmit to the TV. Another thing to be aware of is that excessive usage of Vizio SmartCast features on the remote leads to quick drainage of the batteries.

So, if your Vizio TV doesn’t turn off, the first thing you need to look at is the batteries and change them if needed.

If Your Vizio TV Remote Not Working, 
Replace the Batteries
If Your Vizio TV Remote Not Working,
Replace the Batteries

In addition, check the condition of your remote controller’s sensor. If it is blocked with debris or dust, it won’t be able to send the signals to the TV. You can use a soft and clean fabric to clear the face of the TV remote as a remedy to fix this problem.

Also, a damaged sensor will not help your efforts to turn off your Vizio TV. If this is the case, the only solution would be to replace the sensor. This can be beyond many users’ reach, to be honest.

Another important factor that requires your attention is the interference of other electronic devices around your TV. If there are other remote controllers around your TV, we recommend taking them away from the TV to see whether it helps fix the issue.

If you have the Vizio SmartCast app connected to your TV, you can use it as a remote controller to turn off the TV. The process is simple. Just download the Vizio SmartCast app to your mobile device and select your Vizio TV from the list.

If you are unable to find your preferred TV (the one you want to turn off), visit Add Device > Set New Device to add the device.

Power Supply Problems

If the power supply to your TV is not consistent, you could encounter issues with turning off your TV. First, you must check whether the power cable of your TV is damaged or not, and then, the power outlet.

If possible, use a new power cable and connect the Vizio TV to a different power outlet. In addition to the issue you have in turning off your Vizio TV, a damaged power cable or outlet can be very dangerous when it comes to safety.

If Possible Connect the Vizio TV to a Different Power Outlet

Moreover, we have seen that problems with the TV’s power supply board also cause difficulties when turning it off. Determining this aspect can be really challenging for an ordinary user with less tech knowledge.

If you really want to know whether the power supply board of your TV is the culprit, you will have to use a multimeter to see if it works properly. However, opening your TV is not something that we suggest, especially if it is still under warranty. It is also not the wisest thing if you lack knowledge about these gadgets.

In that sense, it would be best if you contact Vizio support and seek their help.

Firmware Conflicts

If you have been a Vizio user for the last few years and suddenly experience this issue, it is not just you. We have noticed this happening with many other users after the recent update.

Usually, firmware updates are there to help fix bugs, but it can work the other way around in certain situations. The solution for this kind of situation is to contact Vizio and inform them about the case.

However, we are not suggesting that you should not update your TV’s firmware as it is helpful in more ways than one. Working with outdated firmware is bound to throw problems at you like issues with powering on a Vizio TV.

You should be able to find the latest firmware updates for your TV in the settings Menu. Check for them and install if there is a new update available.

How to Update the Firmware of your Vizio Smart TV

Factory Reset

If you are reading this section without any success, the last option that you can try by yourself is to factory reset your Vizio TV. Actually, factory resetting is something that has the superpower to fix a wide range of issues related to electronic devices, and it’s the same with Vizio Smart TVs.

However, you should know that this step deletes everything on your TV, including the previously applied settings, apps, and all. Simply put, as the name says, after the process, you will get a TV as it was first purchased. So make sure to get a backup before proceeding with a factory reset to fix the power issues of your Vizio TV.

Here is how to Factory Reset a Vizio Smart TV: Navigate to Menu > System > Factory Reset > Insert the Passcode if needed > Reset the TV. This process will take some time. Once finished, check whether it has fixed the issue.

Hardware Problems

As we touched on a little previously, certain hardware issues can lead a Vizio TV to not turn off. If you come across physical damage to your Smart TV, contact Vizio at your earliest and inform them.

Trying third-party repairs can void the warranty, and it might not provide the unique help that is required to fix the issue.

Is Unplugging the Vizio TV from the Power Source Bad?

Although unplugging your Vizio TV from the power source is the option you have right now, it is not something you should do repeatedly. When you suddenly unplug a TV from the power source, especially when it is turned on, it hampers the power supply to the TV abruptly.

Moreover, if you do so, it will not save the recent changes you made in the apps, schedules, or SmartCast settings. If it is really not needed, please stay away from forcefully unplugging your Vizio TV again and again.

Why is the Power Button Not Working on My Vizio TV?

Physical damage can be the main reason if the power button of your Vizio Smart TV doesn’t work. If there are cracks or other forms of damage indicators, your Vizio TV’s power button might not work as it should.

In addition, check whether the functionality of the power button is blocked by debris. You can try clearing them to see if that helps fix the issue.

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