Mentor Graphics Xpedition Vs PADS - Latest Comparison in 2022

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Vs PADS – Latest Comparison

Have you heard of mentor graphics PADS and mentor graphics Xpedition before? If not, you have come to the right place. Siemens EDA is an international company with its corporate headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon, specializing in electronic design automation (EDA) for electrical engineering and electronics. 

They were initially known as mentor graphics, and it was started by Siemens EDA in 1981 by Tom Brugger, Dave Moffenbeier, and Gerry Langeler. Only mentor graphics offers complete design through production solutions and EDA software.    

So what are this mentor Xpedition and mentor PADS? Let’s see their pros and cons and the usage and price details!

What Are Mentor Xpedition and Mentor PADS?

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Vs PADS - Latest Comparison in 2022

Mentor graphics is the company that created mentor graphics PADS and mentor graphics Xpedition.

The mentor graphics Xpedition is one of the most cutting-edge PCB design streams in the business, and mentor graphics runs it. It offers integration, from the definition of system design to the implementation of the product. As a result, design cycles can be cut by 50% or more through exclusive, patent-pending technology while enhancing overall quality and resource efficiency.

PCB design software from mentor graphics is called PADS. It is a high-end piece of commercial software available in three trim levels: standard, standard plus, and professional.

Mentor Graphics Xpedition

You can create professional-grade printed circuit boards using the mentor graphics Xpedition tool. 

The most complex PCB designs of the present day can be made with the help of this practical program, which combines the strength of highly automated functionality with leading-edge modern technology. To suit the designer’s needs at every development level, the most recent edition provides a complete set of high-speed PCB design tools.

Features of Mentor Graphics Xpedition 

After downloading Mentor Graphics Xpedition 2022, you can enjoy some of the great features listed below.

  • Possess all the fundamental and essential tools required for PCB design, from the first stages of design to final production.
  • Electrical engineers can professionally create designs thanks to high-quality printed circuit boards.
  • Designers may use a full range of high-speed PCB design tools at any level of development.
  • Combines the strength of highly automated functions to create cutting-edge solutions that lead the industry.
  • Provides a wide range of dependable and sophisticated tools to aid circuits’ accurate and error-free design.
  • It enables you to create professional-calibre electronic products more quickly and affordably.
  • Increases the effectiveness of resources and overall quality.
  • Enables customers to save time over manual processes by offering automated data planning and management capabilities.
  • Complete board and IC package integration provides the flexibility and user-friendly technologies you require.
  • Throughout the PCB design flow, it enables you to record, confirm, and communicate design intent.
  • Supports concurrent engineering that is stream-based, multi-user, and multi-site throughout the entire product development process.

Pros & Cons of Mentor Graphics Xpedition.

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Vs PADS - Latest Comparison in 2022

The new features provided by mentor graphics Xpedition enable the following advantages.

  • A wide range of features is offered by mentor graphics Xpedition to enhance system design effectiveness.
  • Greater workloads with shorter ranges are possible with accelerated system capture.
  • System-wide partitioning makes it simple to divide a system into many board projects and connected connections.
  • Throughout the design cycle, connection mistakes are eliminated by synchronizing data used in system design.
  • To ensure the connection is specified, tracking signals throughout the system is simple.

Also, the new features offered by mentor graphics Xpedition have the following disadvantages.

  • A processor with an Intel Dual Core or higher is required.
  • At least 512 MB of RAM is required.
  • You must have 8 GB of hard drive space before downloading because the setup takes up 8 GB.
  • You must have these requirements because only Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 operating systems are supported.

Prices of Mentor Graphics Xpedition

A typical Xpedition system has an initial cost of around $70,000. However, if a business purchases a product portfolio, Xpedition frequently provides a significant discount, giving it a fictitious sense of value.

Is Expedition Worth It For PCB Designers?

You might be wondering about the value of expeditions for PCB designers. Because practically every device that needs a circuit board also has a PCB, this sector is incredibly profitable. Of course, you already know that Xpedition is the updated version of the product formerly known as Expedition Enterprise. Let’s now compare the new capabilities to the current tools you utilize.

My friend has worked in the PCB design field for over 20 years. From his work in board houses, assembly houses, board design, and test facilities, he can attest that Xpedition is a tool that efficiently completes more work while saving time. 

In addition, a 3D integrated layout and system, multi-panel design, positioning problems, and new tactics are clearly in the lead when considering the effectiveness of tools, processes, and technological developments. Accordingly, Xpedition is a cost-effective tool for PCB designers.

Mentor Graphics PADS.

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Vs PADS - Latest Comparison in 2022

Graphics Engineers who require tools that can handle any problem were the ones who created the rigorous PCB design program known as PADS. This application briefly overviews some of Design Flow’s fantastic features. For example, when a 3D view is viewed again later, toolbar management enables the reappearance of the 3D toolbars.

Mentor Graphics PADS Tutorial

Features of Mentor Graphics PADS

After downloading Mentor Graphics PADS, you can enjoy some of the great features listed below.

  • Users can choose whether or not to load the 3D view upon tool launch has greatly improved 3D.
  • Gives a brief overview of some of the design flow’s incredible features.
  • Makes it simple for users to import and export limited templates.
  • The most excellent value is offering a simple, systematic design and layout.
  • Users can construct a beginning point on their program that can be supplied to the layout.
  • When a 3D view is viewed again later, toolbar management enables the reappearance of the 3D toolbars.

Pros & Cons of Mentor Graphics PADS

The new features provided by mentor graphics PADS enable the following advantages.

  • This is a time-saving tool and a fantastic resource for PCB designers.
  • An online AMS Cloud simulation system used by PADS yields precise results.
  • Additionally, you can see the IR dip. With the excellent function of power continuity analysis, power distribution issues can be found even before layout.
  • Engineers can perform board-level heat mapping and problem analysis in your design using PADS, which incorporates thermal analysis.
  • Reduces design time significantly by automating activities and integrating well with express design elements.
  • Additionally, it provides STEP file import and export capabilities along with 3D modelling with DRC and rendering.

Also, the new features offered by mentor graphics PADS have the following disadvantages.

  • Support is only available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.
  • The hard drive must have 7 GB of free space.
  • The price of a perpetual license is rather costly, and upgrades come with additional expenses.
  • Large teams or companies who want to collaborate remotely cannot use this software.

Prices of Mentor Graphics PADS

Beginning at $5,000, PADS includes product support. Furthermore, there are additional expenses for upgrades as well as relatively high costs associated with perpetual licenses.

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Is PADS Worth It For PCB Designers?

Your technical difficulties are immediately addressed by mentor graphics PADS, which also offers the platform and resources to handle them. It enables you to maintain your competitive edge and adhere to strict planning deadlines.

With PADS, you can be sure that you have the tools and the proper product to meet your demands now and your needs and difficulties as they change in the future. Mentor graphics PADS is a suitable choice for designers just starting out in the industry because it is less expensive than mentor graphics Xpedition.

What to Choose?

Considering all the points mentioned, it is evident that mentor graphics PADS is a good option for designers just beginning out in the field, whereas mentor graphics Xpedition is more suited for competitive workers. 

The reason is that when comparing the efficiency of tools, processes, and technological advancements, mentor graphics Xpedition clearly outperformed mentor graphics PADS about a 3D integrated layout and system, multi-panel design, placement challenges, and new tricks.

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